Copper Beach

Dec 04, 2017

Tips For Surviving Finals Week

Before you can really kick back and enjoy Winter Break, you just have to get past one tiny thing: Finals Week. We know how stressful this time of the semester can be.  That’s why we’ve put together a list of tips to help you survive! Another tip? Even if you forget to sign your lease with us...

Nov 03, 2017

Coming to Netflix!

With the start of November we experience cooler weather and the end of days filled with enjoying outdoor activities in the hot sunshine. We also know that both College mid-terms and Holiday break’s are upon us which means study groups and late night cram sessions become a way of life. It is...

Oct 05, 2017

Hello, October!

Happy October from Copper Beech Bowling Green!
Here are just a few reasons why October is the BEST month ever!
National Cookie Month
• Pumpkin Spice Cookie Recipe!
National Chili Month
• Easy Crockpot Chili Recipe!
National Pizza Month
• Cheesy Pepperoni...